25 April to 10 May: Musicity Grooves into Tiong Bahru in Singapore!

Music              +          Spoken Word              +          Place


Musicity Singapore 2014 will groove Tiong Bahru Estate with ‘live’ music and spoken word performances from 25 April to 10 May!

This will be the first Musicity event in any city to feature spoken word poetry alongside the music, and is a concept that takes a direct message to the core of this edition of Musicity where storytelling is an integral element.

We're featuring eight notable artists in their fields of music and spoken word poetry.

Musicians: Seyra, The Sam Willows, MONSTER CAT, Marcel Lee Pereira

Spoken word poets: Marc Nair, Jennifer Champion, Nabilah Husna and Gideon + Allee.

Twelve original tracks – music and poetry - written for Musicity Singapore 2014 - will be performed during the event and will be available for streaming on the app from 25 April 2014. Each artist was allocated a location to write about. One track each for the musicians and two each for the poets. Streaming points include the six performance venues and six other locations in the estate.

Tiong Bahru's idyllic charm is bolstered by its Art Deco architecture and vibrant diversity, qualities that have supported its growth in popularity with Singapore’s style set. It is where the old and the ultra modern co-exist and resonates with three generations of Singaporeans: Baby Boomers, Generation X-ers and Generation Y-ers.


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(subject to modification/change programme without notice)


Keppel Land space - 1 Kim Tian Road

(Location of Keppel Land Sales Gallery at Tiong Bahru)

Keppel Land is the presenting sponsor for Musicity Singapore 2014. One of Asia's premier property companies, Keppel Land is behind some of Singapore’s award-winning residential developments and investment-grade commercial properties such as such as Reflections at Keppel Bay and Marina Bay Financial Centre. Come 2014, Keppel Land will bring its hallmark excellence to Tiong Bahru where it will develop 500 homes ranging from one- to four-bedroom units along Kim Tian Road at Tiong Bahru. These exquisite residences reflect the property developer’s vision to build lives, realise dreams, and shape landscapes. Look out for a new addition to the rustic neighbourhood of Tiong Bahru – launching soon in the second half of 2014.

Musicity Singapore 2014 Track By: Seyra 


Seyra is a band that promises to enchant discerning listeners with their brand of dreamy indie-pop music. Utilising acoustic instrumentation, they are determined to realize and deliver their experimental vision of pop to the world at large.

The Singaporean multi-ethnic quintet successfully blends emotional lyricism with layered guitar melodies, soaring hooks, and a distinctive, ethereal voice. With a propensity to create refined yet uncomplicated music that is assuredly pop-centric, Seyra’s musical approach reflects the yearning for simplicity and romantic escapism by an urban generation. The direct and sincere lyrics offer an intimate glimpse into one’s own dreams and memories, as well as an introspective re-examining of past relationships.

Helmed by soulful vocalist Sarah Ismail—who has been compared to the likes of Feist, Rachael Yamagata and Regina Spektor—the band includes guitarist Khidir Osman, bassist Rupak George, percussionist Zack He and the latest addition to the lineup, trombonist Jacqueline Chia. From modest beginnings as a singer-songwriter’s bedroom recording project to a professional full-fledged band, Seyra works hard at taking their music to ever great heights. They concluded 2012 by touring New Delhi, India to promote their most recent bilingual release, “Send Me On | Jauh”. Through gigging extensively, they have performed alongside a string of international acts—Yuna (MY), Gabriel Lynch (AU), Noughts & Exes (HK).

They have been featured in local media publications such as TimeOut, Nylon, Juice and hailed by Singapore’s TODAY Newspaper as “definitely one name to watch for”.

Bincho - 78 Moh Guan Terrace #01-19


Inspired by yakitori-ya (traditional small grilling stalls) in Osaka, Bincho is an all-in-one unique dining concept by Unlisted Collection showcasing a neat mix of Singapore’s past, present and future. Transformed from the traditional Hua Bee kopitiam (coffee shop), the space remains a beloved historic icon in the Tiong Bahru neighborhood. Bincho has retained Hua Bee favourites such as the old-school mee pok (noodles) stall, the classic coffee and kaya (egg and coconut jam) toast, evergreen marble tables and wooden chairs, all of which continue to delight seasoned and new customers during the day. By night, Bincho is a modern open-concept yakitori bar with hues of copper headed by the affable Chef Asai Masashi, and a cocktail bar featuring progressive and playful “Japeritifs”.

Musicity Singapore 2014 Track By: Jennifer Champion

Jennifer Champion is an emerging face in the spoken word scene. She participated in her first poetry slam in late 2012 and has been a regular voice ever since. Jennifer forms one quarter of the spoken word collective Sekaliwags and is a founding member of the improvised comedic theatre troupe The Improv Company (formerly NUS Improvables) where she trained in improv theatre during her undergraduate years at the National University of Singapore. As an arts practitioner, Jennifer enjoys mixing techniques acquired across different mediums. As a storyteller, she is interested in tracing new paths in familiar territories; capturing vocal snapshots of personas she comes across and rewiring them for diverse audiences.

In 2013, Jennifer was invited to perform in her first spoken word show, She Walks Like A Free Country - an international collaboration and opening act for the Lit Up arts festival. This was quickly followed by Smoke Filled Poets as part of The Smoke-Filled Room organised by The Singapore Forum on Politics and Policy and The Best Object: Women, Power and Purchase in aid of abused women. She has also read at Speak. and Destination:Ink, and competes regularly at Poetry Slam organised by Word Forward.

Jennifer Champion

The Fab Lab - 73 Eng Watt Street

The Fab Lab

The Fab Lab is a place of vision, where ideas come alive through music, visual and literary art, dance or social awareness. Inspired by the “fabrication laboratory” concept of offering individual innovators the space to create and collaborate, The Fab Lab’s ethos is in fostering an exchange of ideas in a private space unconstrained by rules of convention or control. Musicity is privileged to have been granted access to this hive of creative thought. The Fab Lab is a private residence.

Musicity Singapore 2014 Track By: Gideon + Allee

Gideon is a full-time national serviceman, part-time writer, poet and aspiring rapper. Gideon first began writing in a nondescript primary school English class about a feline’s misadventures on the road. He has since progressed to bigger things. Allee is a full-time English Literature major at the National University of Singapore, part-time writer, poet and Pokemon trainer. Allee wrote her first poem on an unspecified Blogger site about teenage angst. She has since moved on to more complex emotions. Gideon and Allee have both slammed at the National Poetry Slam and are regular participants at other monthly slams. This is their second time collaborating professionally.

Gideon + Allee

The French Bookshop - 55 Tiong Bahru Road #01-53C

Established in 2011, The French Bookshop is located within what was the first block of Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT) flats in Tiong Bahru that was ready for occupation in December 1936. As far as the owners of The French Bookshop know, the flat was owned by the Loke family until 2012. The French Bookshop occupies what used to be the kitchen of the flat and they have kept the original green tiles, which they say, “reminds us of our grandma's kitchen.” It carries more than 4,000 French and English language titles, covering a range of genres including classical literature, thrillers, comics and travel guides. It is also a space for emerging artists to present their work.

Musicity Singapore 2014 Track By: Marc Nair

Marc Nair is a poet and photographer from Singapore. He has published three volumes of poetry, Along The Yellow Line (2007), Chai: Travel Poems (2010) and Postal Code (2013). He has also been featured in a number of anthologies both in print and online. He teaches creative writing and poetry slam with Word Forward, a non-profit arts organisation and is the artistic director of Lit Up Singapore, a multidisciplinary arts festival. Marc has been part of the poetry slam scene in Singapore since 2003, and has represented Singapore competitively at international slam competitions in Malaysia, Reunion Island and France. He writes and records satirical podcasts with blogger mrbrown on themrbrownshow and performs spoken word and songs with his band, Neon and Wonder.

Marc Nair

Tiong Bahru Community Centre - 67A Eu Chin Street, Music Room 2

Believed to be Singapore’s first community centre, the original community centre was established in 1951 in a converted air-raid shelter. A refurbished and expanded building was officially opened in October 1960.

Musicity Singapore 2014 Track By: Nabilah Husna 

Nabilah Husna is a Singaporean writer who began expelling her words in public at a tiny open-mic venue in London. Since then, she has performed at various events in London and Singapore and has featured at Lit Up Festival, SPEAK., Rhyme x Rhythm, AWARE & Etiquette's 'What Counts?', SPORE Art Salon and Speakeasy, among others. She is a part of She Walks Like a Free Country, a theatrical poetry show comprising 7 female poets from Singapore and Malaysia. She featured in Numinous and #word: The Cooler Lumpur festival in Kuala Lumpur and also runs a monthly poetry open-mic, destination: INK with her visual-textual collective, spacer.gif. Currently, she works in a women's advocacy NGO, finding ways to intersect art and activism.

Nabilah Husna

TBB Tiong Bahru Bar - 3 Seng Poh Road #01-01

TBB Tiong Bahru Bar is a ‘chillax’ bar that was conceived by Chris (co-founder of The Disgruntled Chef) and his cousin Bernard. TBB entertains its guests with ‘live’ gigs by local musicians. The trendy watering hole features a wide range of beers, cocktails, wines, whiskeys and a menu of Singaporean Tapas developed by award winning Chef Daniel Sia of The Disgruntled Chef.

Musicity Singapore 2014 Track By: The Sam Willows

The Sam Willows was formed by siblings Ben and Narelle Kheng, and friends Sandra Riley Tang and Jon Chua. Bursting onto the Singapore music scene in May 2012 with their luscious harmonies and special brand of country-folk, The Sam Willows created a solid buzz across the island-state.

The quartet’s self-titled freshman EP was co-produced by esteemed local arranger Bang Wenfu, recorded and mixed at Soundfarm Studios and was mastered by Gene Grimaldi of Oasis Mastering, Burbank, CA. It was released to rave reviews on 27 October 2012 at their sold-out album launch party. Drawing inspiration from acts like Mumford & Sons, Bon Iver, Joss Stone, Keith Urban and the sound of a leaky tap, they craft an interesting country-folk sound interlaced with heavy vocals.

The band returned home from their North American Tour (8 to 24 March 2013), which included stops in Los Angeles, CA (Villain’s Tavern; The Roxy – On the Rox; Other Door Bar), Austin, TX (SXSW Showcase at Meduse Lounge and SXSW Second Play stages) and Toronto, ON (Canadian Music Festival showcase at the Dakota Tavern).

In Singapore, The Sam Willows have played on stages including Gardens by the Bay; Hard Rock Coliseum; Resorts World Sentosa (Official Opening Ceremony, December 2012); Esplanade Concourse (December 2012); The Floating Platform (Mediacorp’s Celebrate 2013 Countdown Party).

The Sam Willows


Tiong Bahru Market and Food Centre - 83 Seng Poh Road

Seng Poh Road Market was officially opened on 21 January 1951 and was touted by the then Municipal Commission as the most up-to-date market in Singapore, with white tiles, red quarries and white mosaic flooring. In 2004, it was shut down for a complete rebuild and re-opened in 2006 as the two-storey building now known as Tiong Bahru Market and Food Centre. It is believed that Tiong Bahru has the highest concentration of ‘old’ hawker stalls in any estate in Singapore including Koh Brothers’ Pig Organ Soup, Teck Seng Soya Bean Milk and Tian Tian Dessert House.

Musicity Singapore 2014 Track By: Marcel Lee Pereira

Marcel Lee Pereira is a singer-songwriter from Singapore. A journalist who taught himself how to play the guitar as a teenager, Marcel is a storyteller-dreamer who believes that music can touch hearts and inspire change. His brand of folk-rock speaks to people beyond the shores of his hometown; his songs go out to anyone who believes in love, hope and passion, and to those who dare to dream.

Marcel Lee Pereira

Bird Corner (next to Link Hotel)

Originally located at the corner of Seng Poh Road and Tiong Bahru Road where Nostalgia Hotel now stands, this junction was an important crossroad back in the day for it is where the main arterial road leading from Outram Road met Tiong Bahru Estate. The bird corner structure was re-opened in its current location next to Link Hotel.

Musicity Singapore 2014 Track By: Marc Nair

Air Raid Shelter - 78 Moh Guan Terrace

Air raid shelter

Built in 1939, Block 78 included a 1,500 sqm bomb shelter, the only public housing building at the time to have been equipped with one. The shelter has a reported capacity of 1,600 persons.

Musicity Singapore 2014 Track By: Jennifer Champion

Qi Tian Gong (Monkey God Temple) - 44 Eng Hoon Street

Qi Tian Gong (Monkey God Temple)

Founded in 1920, the temple is dedicated to Sun Wu Kong, the Monkey King from Wu Chen-en’s 16th century classic, Journey to the West. The temple houses many statues of the Monkey King, the oldest reportedly a century old. Temple trustees claim that this was the first temple in Singapore dedicated to the worship of Sun Wu Kong.

Musicity Singapore 2014 Track By: MONSTER CAT

Born out of frustration, MONSTER CAT is a reaction to a culture of shackling life templates and suffocating social expectations. An avalanche of questions, doubts and personal fears was the breeding ground for the band’s recently launched debut release, Mannequins.

From the dramatic intent of The Smashing Pumpkins to Fever Ray’s visceral force of myth and music, MONSTER CAT channels lush, emotive folk-rock with delicate instrumentation and intense imagery. Layered harmonies evoke the supernatural as fractured love songs cradle listeners between the depths of intimacy and menace. Fragile yet powerful; their music echoes the ebbing of your subconscious hurt.

MONSTER CAT’s live performances are both intense and captivating, enhanced by a mesmerising visual light display. A collaborative effort by the band and visual projection artist, Wu Jun Han, this fury of light and sound showcases MONSTER CAT’s commitment to bringing not just a musical performance, but a complete experience to its audience, every time.

Monster Cat

Seng Poh Garden - Corner of Moh Guan Terrace and Seng Poh Road

Seng Poh Garden

In 1972, plans for a landscaped recreational garden for Tiong Bahru residents were made. The space was previously an open grassy area, which residents used for their morning exercises and chit-chats. The garden is also home to the Dancing Girl sculpture created by the late Lim Nang Seng.

Musicity Singapore 2014 Track By: Gideon + Allee

Lim Liak Street (Streaming point: in the vicinity of Block 35 and heritage trail marker)

Tiong Bahru's distinctive flat designs

This streaming location showcases the design of the Tiong Bahru flats built between 1948 and 1954. The designs give the buildings a sense of modernity and functionality. Clean and simple lines, five-foot ways and quaint back lanes are distinctive features of the estate.

Musicity Singapore 2014 Track By: Nabilah Husna