TBB: Space to chill

"TBB is about family and friends. We merely provide the bricks and mortar; it is the people - who hangout to chill, to chat, to laugh, to cry, to celebrate, to connect - that give it character." - Chris Chong, owner/founder.

Situated just at the edge of Tiong Bahru Estate is a watering hole that gives residents plenty to look forward to after a long day at the office. TBB Tiong Bahru Bar, also affectionately known as TBB, is the venue for Musicity Singapore 2014's closing performance on 10 May featuring The Sam Willows, Nabilah Husna and Gideon + Allee.

We chatted with Chris Chong, who started TBB with Bernard Seah, and found out that TBB isn't only for the evening tipple.

1. How and why did you decide to participate in Musicity Singapore 2014?

We view ourselves as part of the Tiong Bahru community and strive to blend and promote the "localness" and "arty-ness" of the area.  One way we have done this is by supporting local bands; to perform at our premises and retail their CDs.  We even bought 50 copies of a local artist's CD as our way of support. When we heard that Musicity was happening in Tiong Bahru, it was only natural for us to offer our support.

2. This event has a heavy emphasis on spaces and the stories behind them. What's the TBB story?
TBB is about family and friends.  Bernard and I are family; cousins who spent weekends at our aunt's home in Yong Siak Street in the 70s.  So, to set up in Tiong Bahru was like bringing the past back to life. Our aunt who no longer lives in Tiong Bahru does come to TBB every now and then.

Then came the friends. When TBB first started, it was the support of friends that kept us going. Slowly, it became friends of friends who also became friends.  TBB merely provides the bricks and mortar.  It is the people - who hangout to chill, to chat, to laugh, to cry, to celebrate, to connect - that give TBB its character.

3. What should diners definitely sample at TBB and why?

Food wise, our Singaporean tapas created by local chef Daniel Sia (of The Disgruntled Chef) are definitely must-trys.  Drink wise, the current favorite is a sharing drink called Absolute-Fly.  It has vodka and a few other alcohols mixed with juice and served in a 750ml bottle with a pouring spout, All you have to do is tilt your head back, open your mouth and a friend will pour in a 3-5 second shot. Another favorite are our Jello-shots.

Come mid-April, we will introduce our day-time concept called KOMMUNE.  KOMMUNE is a café that will serve excellent local-roasted coffee and espresso derived drinks, great American-styled cakes and an Aussie-inspired all-day brunch.  It is for the working crowd looking for a place to "park" themselves for an hour or two in-between meetings or to meet with clients over coffee.  Power sockets for laptop computers, power banks for mobile phones and Wi-Fi provided."

- The Musicity track for TBB, "1949", was written by The Sam Willows. Stream this track on the app from 25 April 2014.

Performance details:

Saturday 10 May 2014 7.30-10pm

Featuring The Sam Willows, Nabilah Husna, Gideon + Allee

Price: $20

** Ticket holders will enjoy a 10% discount on non-Happy Hour and non-promo F&B.